Virtual Ambrose: A Creative Residency

The Kick & Push Festival along with Single Thread Theatre Company have been telling the story of Ambrose Small since the beginning. In the 2015 telling of the tale, the mystery surrounding the true-story disappearance of Ambrose Small was explored as audiences went behind the curtains of one of his former properties: the Grand Theatre. Developed uniquely for the various spaces inside the Grand Theatre, Ambrose guided audiences through the backstage and dark recesses of theGrand as they were immersed in Ambrose’s world.

This summer, history, theatre, and technology come together as Playlines and The Single Thread Theatre Company proudly present “Virtual Ambrose” : A Creative Residency presented in partnership with The Grand Theatre, debuting July 18th, 2018. Artistic Director Liam Karry has taken the immersive theatrical experience of Ambrose and given the old mystery a 21st Century spin!

The Story

On December 1, 1919, Canadian theatre tycoon and self-made millionaire Ambrose Small sold all of his theatres at a profit of $1.7 million. On December 2, 1919, he disappeared and was never heard from again. To this day, no one knows what happened to Ambrose Small.Even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the “World’s Greatest Detective” failed to solve the case. Today, we can only piece together clues from the people he knew, and the theatres he inhabited. Maybe it will take fresh eyes – your eyes – to unravel the mystery and finally find Ambrose.